Oh Dear Bootsy….

Eyes:ROCKBERRY Eyes Dark Brown Heather Beebe
Skin:Dutch touch MenSje:: Rose – Basic CL1 EBLight FR iki ikarus
hair:60s space age bobbed hair Brown chocolate Arashi old desighner united
Bolero:(TokiD) fur bolero – brown maya levane(new)
skirt:(Milk Motion) My buttoned short skirt marie lauridson 50l friday
top:Floral print Hooded tops1 chocolate Arashi
bag:(TokiD) fur pouch – bear maya levane(new)
boots:(TokiD) boho boots – light (right) maya levane
(Milk Motion) My flower socks  designer united old
neckless:LaGyo_Feuilles necklace gold Gyorgyna Larnia this week tdr(new)

{creamshop} Multi pose deer  – created by SAZAE yoshikawa

*Sorry no wall picture pc broke 😦


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2 Responses to Oh Dear Bootsy….

  1. Ashe Anthony says:

    So cute! Love this look.

    I’m sorry about your pc, I hope that it gets fixed soon.

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