Come Into My World

1st Love. Tokidoki Sculpt Frill Skirt- Super Well Made Sculpt Skirt Comes with 6 color choices for only 120l each! there is also a limited edition pack with Three lighter summer tones for 75l cheap as pie!

Also If you do go over to Tokidoki the sculpt socks that come with matching flat pumps are probably my new favorite socks just so cute and perfect for wearing over shoes as well as with skirts and leggings! Hope Maya will do even more sock options and colors.

2nd Love. Mother Goose Skin Minky- Pack Includes two tones of skins with 6 lipstick options each for only $500l! The face is so super cute

3rd Love. I missed shoe fair but made a run to Theosophy  as soon as it was over to snatch up these cute little Caerau Ribbon Pumps .
Oh Trace Osterham, The color palette of these shoes just says sugar And spice and all things nice so cute I could lick them >.> but I wont!

Now onto the wall and credits.

Lashes:Mynerva Free Eyelashes-Rhapzody Wilde And Sl 2.0 liner tatoo by glow studio
Cape:Niniko-cape cardigan-Kae Sahara
Socks:TokiD sock flats -light-Maya Levane
Shoes:{theosophy} Caerau Ribbon Pumps (Nude) -Trace Osterham
Skirt:(TokiD) le frills skirt – light -pants-Maya Levane(new)
Skin:Mother Goose’s- Minky B35-Milok Hermit(new)
Crown:.+*AA*+:Halloween crown-aya Huldschinsky Freebie(new)
Bag:(TokiD) kawaii baggu – light -Maya Levane
Basket on Floor:Kinokoko- Wicker Basket(Yellow)-Hiroro Mayo
Eyes:Rockbery-Dark Brown-Heather Beebe
Top:(TokiD) knit top – brown-Maya Levane(coming soon)

Love Bootsy

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5 Responses to Come Into My World

  1. Ashe Anthony says:

    Very cute!

  2. identitysl says:

    *doesnt see the hair in the credits D:* but this is a very cute look 😀

  3. bootsy says:

    oops im in bed now but i must add the hair is by Izabell Babii and called Aphro sorry ill update later.

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